Construction Simulator PRO App Reviews

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Rip off

Bought this game and it won’t even let me play it. Every time I click the app it goes to loading screen then cuts me out of it and takes me back to my home screen

Stupid as hell

How can you sit there and charge people $5 and it won’t even load I want my money back!

I want a refund please

I downloaded, they charged me $5 and it doesn’t let me play, it take me back to my home screen. please everybody, don’t waste your money! On this

I want refund

Will not even let me get on it keeps kicking me off

Want a refund

Paid for the game and won’t even let me even attempt to play a total rip-off

Won’t let me play the game

Goes into the game and then when you click to start the game it goes to my phones home screen id like a refund


Downloaded the game and it won't even open without glitching and closing out. Really would like a refund!

Won’t even let me play

I downloaded and won’t even let me attempt to play be for app takes me back to my home screen I DEMAND A REFUND!!!


I paid for the app and it doesn’t even work. It would run for a few seconds then crash! I want a refund!! This app is trash👎


Games horrible downloaded and it kicks me out before I can even play!

Won’t play

I buy the game to play but it won’t let me play


I pay $5 for this for it to not even load on my phone and my phone is up to date and everything. My money back would be beautiful but that probably won’t happen!!!!

Won’t even work

This is terrible . It charged me $5 and would it even open to play.


Can’t even play it on my phone it just glitches out wasted my money!!!!!!

The best simulation game

It’s the best simulation game for all

I love this game

I love this game, but I seriously think you should make mor iPad games as good as this


This has to be the cheesiest simulation game ever made!!. The sound, the graphics, the map are so 2005 quality. The engine sounds are only at idle and it doesn't change from vehicle to vehicle. I could go on and on but I see with all the other negative comments from a year ago that the developers don't really care. I want my money back!!


I would add 5 stars but it glitches Please help me

Terrible Glitches

Downloaded and deleted in under fifteen minutes. Gotta say, I think that's a record. Touch was unresponsive to real time, my Dell Inspiron can keep up better than this!! Caused system crashes and full reboot twice on BOTH my iPad and iPhone. Definitely NOT worth the money.

So bad

Can only do first couple things and then it won’t let you get any farther so very very glitchy want a refund

The best game

It is amazing


Fix the low boy why can't you load the excavator on the low boy with out it glitching out need better graphics and add more jobs to do


I pressed the app icon and it didn't even work. It went black and crashed. Does this app NOT work for an IPhone 6s??? Terrible.👎


What kind of stupid game is it where you buy the trailer to load equipment with and can't use the stupid thing. You need to fix the problems with the game. The equipment trailer won't let you load the excavator on it .why. I spend money on this game and can't use the equipment like it supposed to be used.


Fun game overall. I like it alot. Seems lately I would tap the icon to start the game and it gets stuck on the loading screen. Other minor glitches that should be fixed.

Not too bad

Games not to bad. I have trying to drive them stupid forklifts they don't even work right.

Lots of glitches

Fun game overall. However, there are a lot of glitches that require game to be restarted. For instance, cement truck won't connect to pump truck and have to sim in order to move past that. Not worth paying for the game until these are fixed

I love it!

I'm really impressed with this new construction game. The graphics are great, the vehicles look and act realistic. I like the fact that it allows you to progress at your own pace by choosing different missions and projects.Highly recommended!

Good game , not worth the price

As i said in the title , game is good , good and cool concept but definitely not worth $5 , graphics r not that good , and has alot of cliches , ive got games for free with more realistic graphics than this


Ready for more land/projects. Please fix low boy trailer issue. Pickup is almost not drivable. Also concrete at times won't connect to pumper. Large pre fab building doesn't have all the sections for the first level.

Game over??!!

Completed all the missions and built on all available lots. So I guess it's game over?!! Lame

Glitchy real bad

I like this game alot but it glitches like crazy it will get a 5 star rating from me when the glitches are fixed!!

Bad low boy glitch

Having same issues with truck and trailers as of right now the semi truck is higher then the wind turbine I just built doing magical flips in the air get these bugs fixed asap

Need update more land

Need update more of the land to build houses and city

Truck with trailer doesn't work

Every time I put a machine on the trailer to move it, the machine freezes then the trailer is stuck and all of a sudden freaks out and flips up in the air. Glitch definitely needs to be fixed.


The larger equipment is so glitchy and undriveable it's nearly useless. And if you contact the company you get no response, but Apple gladly refunded my money. The new update has made it impossible to load equipment on the lowboy!

Money back.

This game is terrible. It takes forever to accomplish the simplest tasks. It also doesn't give you enough information to finish the tasks. Please give me my money back

Mans game

You'll like this game if you like: -freedom -hot chicks -hard work -manly stuff


Terrible graphics. Slow response and bad controls

Needs more missions

They should add demolition for a couple missions

Controls are terrible

Very good concept and graphics but the controls are some straight up garbage.

Needs to be fixed....

This game would get 5 stars but for now it gets 1.... I just bought like 10 bucks worth of coins. The lowboy and the excavators have so many uncontrollable glitches I can't even play the game... please fix this or refund my money. However I think the game is nice.

Fun game but quite a few glitches

Very fun game but many glitches. For instance building the church it says that you can't pour concrete in the molds for the pillars. And the tennis court I placed all of the objects yet it still shows four dots that aren't "placed" even though there are no objects where the dots are. It is a fun game but there are still some problems that need to be fixed.


Howdy GEEKs, I just downloaded the FARMPRO 2017.......the BEST of the best farming game ever..... I spent 1622.00 in gaming in the last 2yrs. I'm willing to keep spending. But, the Truck and Farm game needs bugs 🐜 fixed especially with the crashes and the Harvesters going haywire in circles I have to disconnect the tractor from the seeders or whatever I'm using at the moment to get it to stop....also, I worked at a Farming Company that fertilizes commercial hay fields, I drove spreader trucks, semis hauling 22 tons of variety of mixed fertilize. I got hurt 2yrs ago while working there. I STAYED THERE for 14 yrs. I drove a tanker truck to haul liquid supplements (molasses) to the farms and pumped it out to small lick tanks for the cattle to eat in the winter to keep their body weight up and it gave them more energy and a higher pregnancy rate. I am now on disability permanently. I have time to play these 2 games. I had 3discs removed in my back and the surgery never took........I'll say it again, I am 51 yrs old and I love the FARMINGPro 2017 game because it is what I did for years. May I request somethings for this game to maybe LURE more farmers to release their stress in the wee hours of the night by relaxing and really play and ENJOY this Farming pro game? Here goes, PLEASE add a spreader truck that has a spread of 30' with 2 spinners on the back; add a 10 wheel tank truck to haul molasses; add some Suga-LIK tanks to set out in the fields add more mapping, add fields to put cattle in to graze off the grass, maybe a tow-truck (Lol) I like the getting stuck though......and add some smoke coming from semis exhaust mostly transparent though so you can see to drive it like in TRUCK SIMULATOR PRO 2017. I'm very color blind, I know I'm asking a lot but I have nothing else to do except play this game at night, can you PLEASE change the color of the board fences to a darker color? I seem to not see the fence I've crashed so many times.....add a spray truck so I can kill army worms, insects that harm and damage the crops...mercy I might as well ask you if your hiring. Hahahaha.. please get back with me A.S.A.P. Oh yea add some KILEBRUs with 4 bins that hold 10.5 tons of Dolomite or Mixture of fertilizer to hall to the hay fields and drop it for the spreader man to go to that specific field and feed off from each bin. Man ole man if you do that YOU GEEKs RULE......I will never play (GIANTS) version of FS 12, 14, 15, 16 or 17 again......maybe work on the graphics to make the semi look more real.....if you add KILEBRUs you'll have to add a fertilize plant so I can go get loaded.... IM SO SORRY THAT IM INTO THIS GAME SO MUCH. Also, when will the updates for your 2 specific games I'm bragging about arrive. Hehehe and add color option to the semis only.. may GOD BLESS YOUR BUSINESS...ROMANS 10:9-13; John 3:16 looking forward to hear what your thoughts and decisions will be.....aka: TRUCKING FOR JESUS, and FARMING FOR JESUS....THNX Sent from my iPad

Ok. Too many problems.

There are so many glitches. These glitches cause so many problems and makes it hard to finish jobs. Also, the game won't let me fill the cement pump. I tried everything, but it doesn't work. If anyone has a solution please email me.

Needs fixing

Gameplay is kind of fun until you get stuck and there is no instruction to help you. Im stuck with the concrete mixer trying to pour concrete for a foundation but am always given the message "cannot pour concrete here" no matter where I do it and am not given any indication as to where I am supposed to do it. Really not worth the excessive amount of money I paid for this. Would highly recommend you spend your money elsewhere.

Games doesn't work

Game shuts off on own, in app purchases will not work right

Horrible don't waste your money

To many bugs in the game. Low boy can't haul equipment. Glitches in game. Items disappearing. Save your money try something different

Needs improvements please look: UPDATED

Details..... Game has a lot of bugs for instance I cannot build a house cause it won't tell me I've completed a task even though I did like delivering styrofoam to the project.... My cargo just vanishes every now and then controls are buggy.... I'd give 5 stars if they made a lot more improvements... Map is large which I like I wish there were more projects to do.... UPDATE: I've been playing the game for a few weeks now and it's got 10x better but still have issues placing objects with the crane in certain places and having problems with materials showing up to the job site and also with having materials in the mark area accepted to move on to the next step and also loaded the excavator on the lowboy.... I hope the founders see this and address the situation

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